About Robb’s Ribbs

Inspired by Old Man Cooper's BBQ, Robb created the Robb's Ribbs Original BBQ Sauce, which lead to the development of his dry BBQ Sauce mix and his Amazing Glaze. Since 1989, Robb's Ribbs award-winning products have amazed BBQ lovers around the globe.

Our easy to store and apply glazes delight customers with a genuine BBQ and smoke flavor without the hassle of using a smoker or grill. Our glazes have an unforgettable taste that will leave your family and friends raving about the genuine BBQ flavor that you made in your home oven.

Check out our recipes for inspiration! Robb’s Ribbs Amazing Glaze is great on just about any meat or fish. By simply adding our glaze, you can change up your dinner and add a whole new dimension to the flavor profile. The Amazing Glaze can be applied to the surface of meat or blended into ground meats.

Our Original Amazing Glaze product is available for purchase throughout our online store. Additional flavors are in the works - look for Some Like it Hot, Chipotle, and Carolina.

To expand our operations, we offer wholesale for food service, retail, and distribution.

“Robb’s Ribbs BBQ sauce is the best on the shelf! It has a twang specific to the Southwest that really embodies the local flavor of BBQ. The glaze adds a rich flavor to all kinds of cuisine and can be used in almost any application. Whether I’m rubbing it on ribs or mixing it into my pork burgers for a caramelized finish, the glaze is a staple in my pantry.”
— Meg Creaturo, Store Manager, La Montanita Food Cooperative

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“So glad to have found Robb again after the BBQ place closed down in Albuquerque all those years ago. He set the standard for bbq so incredibly high. Thank you for making your sauce and rub available to us! Delicious, just as we remember it!”
— Corrina Hughes