About Robb’s Ribbs

Inspired by Old Man Cooper’s BBQ, Robb was on a mission to recreate the delicious taste he loved as a child. After 10 years of tweaking and refining the recipe, Robb created his original BBQ sauce.

Shortly after, he began bottling the sauce for retail and opened his first restaurant in 1989. Over the years, he traveled the world and became more involved in the BBQ sauce market. In order to simplify the process of shipping internationally, he developed his dry BBQ sauce mix.

After 18 years of successfully running his restaurant in Albuquerque, he retired from the restaurant industry. Since leaving the restaurant, Robb has received numerous requests from former customers for his recipes. This inspired him to create and sell his line of BBQ sauces.

While at a show at Bloomingdale’s in New York City, Robb realized that there was an untapped market - individuals who love BBQ flavor but do not have the space, time, or equipment to grill. After years of refinement, Robb released his Original Amazing Glaze products so that city-dwellers, apartment residents, and others could enjoy a sweet genuine BBQ flavor without the hassle of a grill or smoker. Our glazes are known for their unforgettable sweet BBQ taste!

“Robb’s dry rub is absolutely the best I’ve ever had! The flavor is truly amazing and my picky husband Loves it!”
— Karen Gaethke Bierer


Robb’s Story


Robb Richmond's Story - The Early Days

When Robb was 6 or 7 years old, he really looked forward to his father's company picnics for two reasons. First, he was allowed to play softball with the adults. Second, and most importantly, he got to eat Old Man Cooper's BBQ!!! Robb looked forward to these events all year long.  

Then one year, the BBQ at the picnic just wasn't anywhere near to being as good.....Robb found out that the old man had died, and a "substitute BBQ" was served. Over the years, he sampled other BBQ locations in Albuquerque.  Robb eventually realized that if he wanted to eat anything close to Old Man Cooper's, he was going to have to produce it myself.

So the mission started….

Over the next several years, Robb kept trying this and that with mixed results. One of the "that's" was a tip he picked up from a couple of old guys serving BBQ at a softball tournament. They opened his eyes to the process being as important as the ingredients. 
Over the next 10 years, Robb kept toying with his recipe. Then one Easter Sunday, he came up with what is now the foundation of Robb's Ribbs Original BBQ sauce! He has had to tweak a few ingredients for the restaurant version, but he had now standardized a definitive recipe.
During the years of experimenting with the sauce, Robb tried different smoking mediums.....from corn cobs and pecan shells, to assorted woods. Old Man Cooper used oak for his smoke, and this is where he started. After making a smoker from an old hot water heater, he was on his way. Ultimately, Robb found a four wood blend that enhanced his sauce. He is a firm believer that not all sauces go with every wood smoke flavor.

Robb’s Ribbs Restaurant

Robb Richmond's Story - His Restaurant

The original store sign for Robb’s Ribbs Barbeque.

After creating a BBQ sauce that was close to Old Man Cooper’s, Robb had an opportunity to start a restaurant. Robb’ Ribbs restaurant was the place for ribbs in Albuquerque. For over 18 years, it was where chefs came to eat.

Robb received national recognition by being named the Best of The West by Sunset Magazine and by being featured in the Williams-Sonoma sponsored cookbook: Killer Ribs by Nancy Davidson. Robb also won numerous local competitions for best BBQ sauce!

Dry BBQ Sauce

Robb Richmond's Story - Dry BBQ Sauce

Robb’s products have been promoted to consumers in Canada, Mexico, Australia and Sweden. While he was shipping BBQ sauce to New Zealand and Australia, Robb developed a dry BBQ sauce that doesn’t require the shipment of glass and liquid across the globe.

With the help of a spice company in Denver, they formulated a original BBQ sauce mix. This dry formula allows you add the liquid of your choice (such as water and a little beer) and simmer for about 5 minutes. Whether you’re cooking over a camp fire or watching your favorite sports team on TV, this is an easy to prepare and convenient way to make your own signature sauce. Make only what you need and store the dry mix for later.

After successfully running his restaurant for 18 years, Robb retired from the business. Since then, he has been asked by former patrons for his sauce and rub recipes. These requests encouraged Robb to return to the development of dry sauces and a product line. In addition to his Original BBQ Sauce dry mix, Robb has had his Carolina BBQ sauce dry formulated.

The BBQ Glazes

Robb Richmond's Story - The BBQ Glazes

While developing the BBQ sauce mixes, Robb kept thinking of his show at the Bloomingdale’s NYC store.  As much as people liked the products, city-dwellers wouldn’t have the equipment in their apartments or balconies to grill or smoke the meats.  Robb started thinking of how to get that real BBQ flavor without using a smoker or grill. 

To meet their requests, Robb created a dry BBQ "glaze that when applied to an uncooked slab of pork ribs which is then baked slowly in the oven, produces a delectable smoky, BBQ flavor without using a grill or smoker! It is amazing how simple this product is to use to provide a genuine, satisfying BBQ treat.

When applied to a burger patty as finishing glaze, it produces a nice caramelized crust. If using this application, it is necessary to follow the directions and just “finish" the patty by applying the glaze at the end to the patty once it is flipped, then repeat the process. Just 20 seconds on each side will do!

The glaze can also be mixed into the ground meat, then formed patties and cooked on a grill or flat-top or in a skillet. This eliminates the above step of finishing the patty with the exterior glaze finish. Other applications include salmon, BBQ onions, pork belly, and taco filling. Robb continues to explore its uses. So let your imagination go wild....and try it out on tofu or other plant-based protein!



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