What to Expect from the Different Flavors

The Original Amazing Glaze

The original Amazing Glaze was inspired by Robb’s Ribbs BBQ sauce, which he originally formulated for his restaurant. Of the 32 ingredients, the New Mexico Red Chili Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers bring the heat to the BBQ Sauce and Glaze!

With a few tweaks to the BBQ Sauce recipe and the addition of powdered honey, sugar, and smoke, Robb created the Original Amazing Glaze. The Original Amazing Glaze has a smoky aroma as well as a sweet, tart, and smoky taste,

Glaze Flavors

His original BBQ sauce not only inspired the Original Amazing Glaze, but also inspired the various glaze flavors - Some Like It Hot, Chipotle, and Carolina.

Some Like It Hot

For the Some Like It Hot flavor, the wonderful heat flavor is created with a mix of four different chili peppers (pasilla, chipotle, chimayo, and habanero). The Chimayo Pepper enhances its authentic southwestern flavor. Only a few acres of Chimayo are harvested every year in October and November. With how many locales love this pepper, they stock up quickly and the supply is quite limited. The Chimayo pepper is ideal for roasting and it creates a smoky scent during the process. The Some Like It Hot flavor also has a smoky aroma as well as a sweet, tart, smokey, and spicy-hot flavor.


For the Chiptole flavor, Robb created a unique flavor profile with the addition of coffee, chipotle, and cocoa powder. The Chiptole pepper is typically grown in South Texas and Southern New Mexico. TBy roasting the pepper, you can bring its intense and flavorful smokiness. When the Chiptole glaze is caramelized, it is sublime! The Chiptole flavor offers a smoky aroma as well as a sweet, tart, and smoky flavor that is typical of cocoa.


For the Carolina flavor, Robb sweetened the glaze with extra honey, brown sugar, and smoke. He also aded yellow mustard to give it a little more sweet plus a twang to it. When Robb ran his restaurant, he originally reserved the Carolina BBQ for his Pig Pull on Sundays. Based on customer demand, he later integrated the Carolina BBQ sauce to his daily menu.

Glaze Availability

All the flavors are free of the 8 major allergens. For now, only the Original Amazing Glaze is available for purchase through our online store. However, wholesale customers who meet the minimum order quantity are able to order any of the four flavors!