Grilled Baby Back Ribbs


  • Baby Back Pork Ribbs

  • Original Amazing Glaze


  1. Remove ribs from package. Peel any membrane from the underside and salt.

  2. Bring BBQ to 500+ degrees for initial searing.

  3. Sear both sides until lightly marked (2-3 minutes per side).

  4. Turn down the grill to 220 degrees for low and slow cooking.

  5. Place ribs on upper-tier or indirect heat. Cook for about 2 hours until the desired doneness.

  6. Remove from grill and apply about 2/3 cup of Robbs Ribbs glaze to meat surface. Spread glaze evenly over meat side.

  7. Return to indirect heat and finish for about 20-30 minutes to caramelize the glaze.

  8. Let ribs rest for 5 minutes and enjoy!!!

*If you prefer, you may substitute St. Louis Ribs for Baby Back Pork Ribs.

Not recommended for use of waffle grilling surfaces.

Step-By-Step Visual Guide