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Robb's Ribbs Wholesale Sample Product

To expand our operations, we are looking for wholesale partners! Wholesale is great for those who want to expand their BBQ offering by selling our products or integrating our glaze into their products. As an example, our Amazing Glaze can be incorporated into hamburger patties.

A few quick fact about our wholesale products:

  • Our recipe has been refined to exclude corn syrup and common allergens.

  • The dry BBQ sauce is vegan.

  • There are minimum order quantities. For the glaze and dry BBQ sauce powder, the minimum order quantity is 500 pounds. For the liquid BBQ sauce, the minimum order is 80 gallons (shipped 4x1 gallons).

  • The cost depends on the product and quantity. The wholesaler is responsible for shipping. FOB Denver for the glazes and dry BBQ sauce. FOB Albuquerque for the liquid BBQ sauce. To reduce shipping costs, shipping the dry BBQ sauce is 75% less weight than the liquid.

  • There is approximately a 3 week lead time (subject to change near holidays).

If you’d like to become a wholesaler or learn more, please contact us via the form below.

 Available Wholesale Products

Robb's Ribbs BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Inspired by Old Man Cooper’s BBQ, our Original BBQ Sauce has an authentic southwestern BBQ flavor. A four wood blend is used to smoke and enhance the sauce. Simply apply to your favorite grilled meat - ribs, pork, steak, burgers, salmon, & more!

Robb's Ribbs Dry BBQ Sauce

Dry BBQ Sauce

To simplify shipping and to enable our customers to put their own twist on our BBQ sauce, our BBQ sauce has been reformulated into a dry BBQ sauce mix. Simply add your liquid of choice, simmer for about 5 minutes, and enjoy!

Available in Original, Carolina, and Some Like It Hot

Robb's Ribbs Amazing Glaze

Amazing Glaze

To appeal to those who love BBQ flavor but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a smoker or grill, our amazing glaze has a genuine BBQ and smoke flavor. Simply apply the glaze to ribs and bake them in the oven!

Available in Original, Some Like It Hot, Chipotle, & Carolina

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We tried both the Glaze, and the Sauce on some St Louis style pork ribs yesterday. Courtney ( US&S Chef ) prepared them for us, and we all thought the flavor was very good. She slow cooked the ribs at 205 for 5 hours, and she had never seen anything like your product and thought it was wonderful, and very easy to work with.
— James Martinez, United Sales & Services,Territory Manager